Long distance calling services

are no longer just for communications companies. In fact, now any company can offer it and we make easy. With Dial World Advance Solutions, MVNO's and Affiliate Organizations have a simple, quick, to market International Long Distance (ILD) solution that provides calling alternatives and features far superior to a typical carrier based solution.


Provide your customers with simple and affordable calling capabilities with custom unlimited calling places created just for your unique customers. With real-time retail rating, customers see the exact calling rate so they can be confident in knowing that are getting competitive, high-quality international service.


You receive dedicated partnering to help ensure your company achieves growth and revenue targets based on joint marketing plans. Leverage our existing Ambassador program to train staff, answer questions, and affix appropriate marketing materials.


Leading technology and a team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees ensure your customers are getting the highest quality solutions. Consistent uptime of 99.99%, tri-lingual customer service 7 days a week and an online customer portal ensure an exceptional customer experience.


User friendly mobile application can be easily downloaded to any mobile subscriber, including customer not presently on your mobile brand. A white label app allows for additional calling capabilities and greater customer reach.

Move your business forward with Dial World Advance Solutions.

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